Sprinklers and the efficient use of water

Sprinklers are a necessity in Missoula.

Ok, necessity is probably taking it a little far, but if you live in Missoula and you want your landscape to thrive, you need water.  How you deliver it is up to you, but if you’ve spent any amount of time dragging hoses around (I do until my sprinklers go in this spring!), you’d probably agree that a sprinkler system is perhaps the best money you’ll spend in your landscape.  What you might not know is that sprinklers are also the most efficient way to irrigate your landscape plants.  I’m using sprinklers here as a generic term for any form of automatic irrigation system, whether we’re using a standard pop up spray or rotor head, or a point-source form of irrigation such as a drip line.  And I’m stressing efficiency for a number of reasons: Read more