Native landscaping.

Native landscaping is a great way to add beautiful curb appeal to your home that has many benefits.  These benefits include lower maintenance, less watering, and a boost for our wildlife.  Many creatures, especially pollinators such as bees and birds, thrive in native landscapes.  Other insects, deer, and many small mammals also benefit from native plantings.  For those that may not want to encourage the neighborhood zoo to camp out in their yard, many native plant options still offer beauty, ease of care, and low water requirements but aren’t food or habitat for other animals or insects.

In this new construction project, we used boulders left over from the excavation of the foundation to create a subtle boulder wall in the back to handle a grade transition.  Mutual Materials Paleo pavers were used to construct the patio, and decomposed granite was used as a permeable surface for low-traffic areas while reducing the amount of lawn.  Native plants such as Rocky Mountain sage, juniper, and balsam root were used to provide color, screening, textural interest, and even interesting smells to the landscape.  A native turf grass, consisting mostly of native fescue and rye grasses was planted.  Low water use irrigation heads and drip lines provide water when needed.

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