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What We Do

Boutique landscaping designs

We have the skills and equipment to do most any landscaping project without relying on subcontractors. It’s more than plants. We can help with excavating, patios, gardening, pond development, fencing installation, patios and stonework, irrigation design, outdoor infrastructure and snow removal.

Artistic rendering of backyard walkway and fireplace design.


Great landscapes don’t happen by accident – they require site evaluation, careful planning, and here in the Missoula valley and surrounding areas, special consideration due to deer and other wildlife we’re so lucky to get to enjoy. This is typically where our relationships with customers begin – the planning stage. We are experts at creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes in our arid valley that will give you season long color, year round interest, low water/xeric requirements, and deer resistant too!


Think of your hardscape as the foundation for your landscape. Generally, when designing a landscape, the first part to be drawn in is the hardscape. It anchors the landscape and provides a place to connect you to it. A place you can set out a table and chairs and enjoy your yard. Hardscape also shapes and defines your landscape. Retaining walls, fences, patios, driveways, outdoor kitchens, decks, pergolas…they all determine how an area is used in your yard.

Our hardscape crew is among the best in Missoula. We have many years of experience building with stone, block, pavers, wood, and concrete. Please see our portfolio and let our work speak for itself.

Fine Gardening

We offer a gardening service for those landscapes we’ve installed (and many we didn’t), as well as limited commercial landscape maintenance in the Missoula Valley. Your landscape is an investment, but without proper care, it can quickly be taken over by weeds, pests, and in some cases, itself if left to become overgrown. For a monthly fee, we’ll pull your weeds, do any needed pruning, control garden pests, check your irrigation system, keep your mulch freshened up, and do all those pesky yard chores you’d rather not spend your evenings and weekends doing.

As part of our gardening service, we offer a turf restoration service. Taking advantage of the wonderful composting facility we have access to in Missoula, each spring or fall we schedule an aeration, over-seed, and compost topdressing service for your lawn. After many years of testing different products/methods, we’ve found this combination to be, by far, the most successful way to get a green, lush lawn with the fewest inputs. It keeps excess chemicals out of our aquifer, builds your soil, increases water retention, balances pH, and provides all the nutrition your lawn needs annually.

Sprinkler/Irrigation System Installation

Missoula Valley is an arid place, and without irrigation, your landscape dries up quickly each summer. Avoid the hassle of dragging hoses around all summer and consider installing an automatic underground sprinkler system! Using genuine, high-efficiency Rainbird and Hunter irrigation parts, we’ll design and install an irrigation system for you that is water-wise and trouble-free for many years to come!

In addition, we offer annual irrigation system maintenance. In the spring, we’ll come out and start up your sprinkler system. System start up involves turning on the water, checking the system for proper function, and programming the controller. Any necessary repairs are made at this time. Each head is adjusted as needed. Each fall, typically beginning in early October, your system is winterized, which includes turning off the water supply, draining the supply line, and blowing out all valves, pipes, and heads.

Commercial Snow Removal

In the winter months, we shift gears and put the plows on our trucks and various pieces of equipment. Our winter services include 24/7 monitoring of your commercial site, providing snow removal and ice management services. We have equipment available to haul snow offsite if needed. Our clients include property managers, HOAs, apartment buildings, industrial sites, hospitals and medical buildings, and other commercial settings. If you’re in need of commercial snow removal in Missoula, give us a call!

Winter is also a great time to start planning your spring or summer builds! Get your design started now and be ready to go when it warms up.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? It never hurts to ask! Feel free to contact us with your questions or check out our blog.