How compost helps your yard.

Compost topdressing by Garden City Florascaping

Sustainable lawn care by compost dressing.

In the spring, the snow starts to melt, revealing the grass below. People begin to think once again yard work and the health of their lawn. Most people want to have a beautiful looking lawn while limiting the amount of maintenance required. One of the most effective ways to improve the health and beauty of your lawn is to apply a layer of quality compost.

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Sustainable lawn care for dummies.

Lawn care for dummies.

Your neighbor makes it look so easy.  Effortless, almost.  His lush, green, thick lawn.  The sort of lawn you aspire to.  And then there’s your lawn.  It’s thin, pale, and weedy.  And frustrating!  You had sprinklers put in, and you water it every day (every other day if the City of Missoula is asking).  You’ve hired a lawn care service to mow it.  You even pay them to spray it and fertilize it to the point that you come home to flags warning you “KEEP OFF.  PESTICIDE APPLICATION” all in the name of killing those weeds.  Sure, it perks up when they spray it, but in a few weeks, new weeds pop up, the grass looks bad, and you’ve got to call them back.

You’re looking at your neighbors lawn, wondering what the difference is?  Granted, he’s retired and you’re not, so perhaps he spends more time on it that you realize, while you’re at work all day.  What’s more likely is he just knows the old school tricks we seem to have lost track of in this day and age of chemical lawn care and instant gratification.

The organic lawn care approach.

Before the advent of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, lawn care was simple:  you didn’t.  This was partly because many folks didn’t even have a lawn – until the middle of the last century, lawns were generally considered a luxury.  Widespread marketing to and “lobbying” of the rising middle class by the chemical and agricultural industries drove  the rise of the American lawn as we know it today.

Anyone with a little time on their hands can do a quick search online and read a multitude of articles detailing just what detrimental effects synthetic fertilizers and pesticides have on our environment and our health.  Without question, these things are bad.  This is why many Canadian provinces and even US municipalities are beginning to ban pesticides.

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