Our favorite landscaping projects of 2016

Outdoor kitchen by Garden City Florascaping

For those of you who tuned into my blog last season, I’m really sorry to leave you hanging for so long between posts!  It’s a testament to how busy we were as a company in 2016, but at least we have some really cool landscaping projects to show for it.  So many really, I’ve had a hard time narrowing down my favorites which is what I’ll attempt to do here.   So, without further adieu (drum-roll please), our Top 10 Projects in 2016:

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What’s the deal with my retaining wall?

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that retains or holds back soil.  It’s purpose, at least in residential applications, is generally to create a flat area above or below the wall to make the space more use-able by pedestrians and/or automobiles.  They can be made from pressure treated wood, boulders, tires, or most commonly, precast concrete block or formed in place concrete slabs.  When properly designed and installed, a retaining wall should have a lifespan of at least 30 years (most manufacturer’s warranty on their block), if not much longer.  Proper design includes picking the right materials for the application, designing for soil conditions and load, and ensuring your wall will drain correctly.

Why are so many retaining walls in Missoula falling over?

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